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April 7, 2008


I admit it, fire freaks me out. (I'm too old to use a saying like that, really.)

Last night, our neighbor's far back pasture was on fire. There is a deep ravine between us, which R said is a natural firebreak - however, that ravine is full of trees and brush just like the fields, and I don't think it would make a very effective firebreak if it really came down to it.

Of course, I'm wondering which of the animals I am going to evacuate - we have both a goat and a horse trailer but only one truck to pull them with, and the horse trailer will only hold two of the horses - so which do I evacuate and which do I leave to their own devices?

We could see the flames through the bare trees and up on the side of the hill. I called the neighbor to see if they knew about it. No answer, so I assumed that they were (a) out fighting the fire, or (b) had set it themselves. I admit it was a perfect evening to burn off a pasture on purpose - almost no wind at all, and it had rained a few days earlier. Said neighbor has complained about the wild hogs out behind his place, and voiced concern about being able to hunt them when the brush grew up.

We kept a close eye on that fire all evening and into the dark hours. The nearly-calm wind changed direction from west to north, blowing away from us and away from said neighbor's house. And it finally burned itself out.

I just wish that neighbors who set fires on purpose would tell me so before they do it. I can stay calm in earthquakes, tornado warnings, possible flooding, animal emergencies, etc... but fire freaks me out.

Till next time...

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  1. How Scary! I just cannot get used to how people set fires around here!


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