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April 1, 2008

What a Night!

We were up half of the night with K's gelding, who developed choke. He'd recently gotten piggy about his food, and evidently a huge mouthful of alfalfa pellets got stuck in his throat. Green saliva dripped from his mouth and nose for a long while, and he managed to cough a huge lot of it on my jacket front. But he's ok, and that's what is important.

At least it was a decent night to be outside. It was warm enough for a jacket, and the rain had stopped earlier. It wasn't late enough in the year to be swarmed by bugs though there were a few. Our photocell barnyard light blinked off and on a few times and left us in the dark, but the stars were out and all in all, if we hadn't been so worried, it was a nice night. The coyotes howled far off; our dogs barked back.

This morning the horse is grazing and seems to be fine. ~thankful smile~ I watched a blue heron land on the pond. The goat babies are growing well. The puppies have learned to bark at me, and to wag their tails. My jacket is in the washing machine. All is right with the world.

Till next time...


  1. What a beaitiful horse!!

    I've posted some NEW Homesteading Icons at our blog! And I wanted to let you know so please come check them out!

    Miss Jocelyn, THC Staff

  2. Oh wow.... so so so much going on! We've had the sickies over here too, though I'm not sure a sick 2yo's tummy can compare with green slimy goo-puke from a horse.... yay for washing machines ;) I'm glad he's okay and that you all were able to find the silver lining. Hang in there :)



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