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May 17, 2008

Lost and Found

We had a family outing planned this evening, so K and I fed most of the animals before we left, and prepared feed for the rest for when we came home. We pulled in the driveway just as the sun was going down; I changed quickly and warmed up the goat kids’ bottles and went out. As I fed the dogs I realized that one of the puppies was missing. I fed the goats and looked in all the sheds, the feed trailer, dh’s workshop, but no puppy. I finally decided that the last place I’d seen him was down at the horse corral before we left in the afternoon. It wasn’t quite dark, so I decided to follow the path down the hill and call him. Four cats accompanied me; frogs sang and the whippoorwill called. There was no answer to my calls of “Oscar! Puppy!”

When I was near the corral I saw K’s paint horse walking toward me in the dusk, his white patches showing up in the near-dark and the fireflies twinkling around him. It was almost magical and I wished that I had a camera that could capture that.

I gave up, sadly, on the puppy and turned around to follow the path back up the hill. I called the cats to follow me. Halfway up I realized that Oscar was behind me too! Whew – was I relieved! He got plenty of hugs and a scolding too.

Till next time…

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