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May 5, 2008

Ticks and poultry

I can sure tell that we don't have free range poultry this year. The ticks are numerous - on the cats, the dogs and puppies, the horses, and on me.

In the past we've had free-range guineas and chickens, and they've done their job in a big way. The problem is our dogs. I lost half my guinea flock last year to the dogs, and my last five chickens are gone also. My last duck and goose disappeared last fall. I never found any feathers so I don't know if a dog was the culprit or not, but they are gone nonetheless.

I could confine Susie for a couple of hours in the evening and let guineas out, but Carter can't be contained (or even touched). There's no solution really; I'm just venting. I tried training Carter to eat his food inside the horse trailer so that I could shut the door behind him when we were expecting company, but he can get out of it faster than I can shut the door. I might have to go back and start over; maybe in time I can work that out.

Till next time...

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