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June 20, 2008


We finally turned on the incubator last month. Most of our hens are old and aren't laying very well, but a friend and I traded some hatching eggs and I didn't want to run the 'bator for just eight eggs, so I saved any and all eggs that were laid for a week.

As of today, we have 13 new chicks. Another hatched but died, and yet another died after pipping but before it made it out of the shell.

Some are purebred buff orpingtons, but there are also some wacky crosses:
easter egger/orpington rooster
easter egger/game rooster
game hen/orpington rooster
1 lone "purebred" easter egger chick - one of the 8 traded eggs -
yes, only one of the traded eggs hatched and survived to tell about it

At this point I'd just be glad to have pullets that will grow up to lay eggs, no matter what their parentage may be! Next year we'll replenish the purebred flock with new chicks and go on from there.

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