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June 19, 2008

More Wild Herbs

I posted about two herbs that grow wild on our homestead, and meant to add to it later that day... but it rained and rained again and rained some more until finally last night I managed to take the other pictures that I wanted to add. Here they are:

This is my "field" of yellow dock, or curly dock. Last year there were just a few plants here near the pond; this year I am growing a crop of it. ~smile~ The goats enjoy the brown seed heads, and I'm going to toss a seed head in the chickens' pen and see if they will eat it too. Yellow dock is a great medicinal herb as well. The root is used, so it's a good thing I have so many plants.

Yarrow is also growing all over the pasture. The leaves are purported to stop bleeding.

We are blessed to have such bounty growing on Oak Hill. I'm slowly learning to identify the plants along with the trees and birds. I like knowing the names of what I am looking at and listening to.

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