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July 26, 2008

Beat the Heat

We've hit triple digit temperatures in Oklahoma this week. Other than getting the outside work done early, what else can you do to beat the heat?

I've been wearing one of these.

Two years ago R's employer handed these out to the employees to help them stay cool in the summer heat. And they work!

They come packaged flat, just soak in water for awhile and they puff up. Let the fabric dry for a few minutes, then tie it around your neck. It really does help you to stay cool if you have to be outside in the heat.

You can order them from many places online, or you can make your own with directions posted here or here.

The granules or crystals inside are polymer beads that are used in gardening to retain soil moisture. Two brand names are Rainsavers Medium and Watersorb polymer granules. You can order these online at the two sites listed above, or perhaps find them in the gardening section at a local store.

The "four hottest weeks of summer" are half over!

DISCLAIMER: As a teenager, I suffered a bad case of heat stroke, so I don't advocate that you go outside and work in the summer's midday heat even if you are wearing a cooling neckband. Please use common sense.

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