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July 29, 2008

Delicious Jewels

No photos this week; K took the camera with her. It IS hers, after all. ~smile~

I managed the chores alone this morning - moved the horses, fed the chicks in the brooder. That's really a two-person job, one to hold the heavy top up and the other to put in the feed/water. The rest of the chores I do on my own anyway, but K helps with these particular ones.

My plan for the day was to pick blackberries, so after K called saying that she had arrived at her sister's house in fine shape, I headed down to the hayfield. The season is winding down and I haven't made any blackberry-lemonade concentrate yet, and I don't want to let time get away from me. I took the lawn tractor down the hill and out into the hayfield, accompanied by the dogs as always - Susie, Carter, and the two pups.

We realized last week that Susie picks and eats blackberries. She was at it again, right alongside me today. She pulls one off and the berry cane goes "boing". She smacks her lips as she chews. I don't get any ground-level berries. Today one of the pups was eating them too. He hadn't quite figured out how to get a berry without getting stuck by the thorns though. He whimpered a few times.

I'll finish off the thicket tomorrow and Thursday, then go back to my starting point and catch any that weren't ripe today. I canned a batch of blackberry lemonade concentrate; the jars are so pretty with that rich jewel-colored liquid inside. Yum! (The recipe can be found at the bottom of this post.)

I snatched the ripe plums off the tree on my way to the mailbox and ate the ripest one. I love them sun-warm off the tree. It looks like the yellow apples will soon be ready for picking.

Enjoy your day!

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