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July 17, 2008

Puddles in July

In spite of it being the middle of July, the pond is still nearly full. As we were cutting hay behind it this week, R told me that the ground was wet. He stepped over a box turtle (I moved it to safety), and narrowly missed hitting a jumping frog.

But I was surprised yesterday while I was raking up the hay, that the ground was "squishy" under my feet. Then I realized that the sun was reflecting back at me from the ground moisture. In one spot there was a puddle AND I found cattails! Water in the hay meadow in July?

This spot is directly behind the bank of the pond, but a couple hundred feet away from it, and the overflow pipe is on the other side so it's not overflow from the last rain a week ago. I guess it isn't leaking badly since there is still plenty of water in the pond, but it just seems strange that we have ground water in July.

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