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August 26, 2008

Adventures in the Night

In the middle of the night last night, Hubby woke me up to ask if I'd heard "that". "Heard what?" I asked sleepily. "A horse neighed," he answered. He got up to look out the back door. Our daughter got up also and said she'd heard it, as well as running hooves. All I'd heard was the dogs barking.

Hubby and our daughter hung out the back door for a few minutes and K's gelding repeated his actions - running up the hill, neighing, was answered by my gelding in the corral, and ran back down the hill, and then he did it all over again. No moon, just stars, so it was really dark out. We decided we'd better go investigate.

We made a fashion statement in pj's and rubber boots. We were armed with two flashlights and a rifle. Accompanied by four dogs and eleven cats, we stumbled down the hill. Nothing was going to get us with that entourage. With the spotlight we picked out the strawberry roan mare in the pasture, the galloping gelding over by the corral, my black gelding and the old bay mare inside the corral. Evidently the light woke up the mare in the pasture; she ambled over to the gelding and they touched noses. The black gelding scolded her over the fence. And that was the end of the drama. I guess she'd wandered away from our daughter's horse while he was dozing, and he couldn't find her. Did she sleep through his galloping and neighing? Who knows.

We turned around and climbed back up the hill, tripping over the cats and dogs. No one slept well after that.

When Hubby opened the front door to go to work, one of the pups was sleeping on the front porch. I guess he has an official duty station now. Those crazy people might try to escape again and now all the doors are covered!

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  1. LOL. What a great story. I could picture the pj's and boots and tripping over all the cats.


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