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August 30, 2008


Three years ago, my friend Melody gave me this little Rose of Sharon in a little pot. It was about 4 inches tall, a mere twig with a few leaves on the end. Now it is 6-7 inches, and it bloomed last year (2 flowers) and again this week (two more flowers). They bloomed one at a time, so my enjoyment lasted twice as long. Isn't it a pretty flower? The bloom is nearly as big as the plant is. ~smile~

It reminds me of the hibiscus shrubs we had while I was growing up in California. Our tortoise loved to eat the flowers when they'd drop to the ground. Red ones were his favorite.

I should plant this outside, but I'm sure that the dogs would knock it flat like they did my Resurrection Lillies that finally bloomed this summer, or dh might mow it down without realizing it was there, or the goats might eat it on one of their wild escape adventures. On my windowsill it is safe, and I can enjoy it daily.

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