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August 29, 2008

Friday Follow-Up

Speaking of goals, recently I wrote down several areas in which I wanted to see improvement or accomplish something. I’m trying to “just do it” – to do something towards one of the areas every week, no matter how small that something is. Every little drop of rain adds up, and so do the little things that we do.

Ultimately I’d like to be doing something in every area each week, so I’m going to start a new feature here to help keep me accountable.

So, Friday Follow-up is born. I won’t go into each and every one of my little goals, and the categories may change over time (and certainly with the seasons), but I will share some of the things that I’ve accomplished during the week. Perhaps it will encourage you to work on your goals too, whatever they may be.

This week:

Planted: Buckwheat

Harvested: seeds from Johnson grass and yellow dock, for the chickens’ winter feed; apples.

Preserved: made infused oil with lemon balm; froze extra milk for soapmaking

Prepped: Added to the “emergency pantry” with foods to eat when the power goes out, as it’s been prone to do lately. I bought a few cans of quick-to-heat soup, chili, etc, and a box of crackers that I enclosed in a zip-top bag for extra freshness. (I’m a freshness freak – I hate stale food with a passion, much to my family’s dismay.) Inventoried our box of MREs. Made a list of items to buy next time we hit the grocery store – I’d like several items that don’t have to be heated at all.


Learned/practiced a new skill:

Cooked something new: lemon chicken (note to self: I found out that dh doesn’t like lemon)


  1. I love love love Follow Up Friday! What a great idea. Would you mind if I copied it??? I would of course link to your blog and give you credit. If you don't want me to I understand that as well.

    Congratulations on your 50 things decluttered! I have decluttered nothing in August!

  2. Of course - I am flattered that you'd like to copy it! :-) Happy Following-Up! (Follow-upping?)


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