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August 17, 2008

Friday morning I was greeted by this sight:

I'm going to miss this tree. The tallest of its trunks came down, but we may have to take down the rest of it, depending on how bad the damage is to the rest of the tree. The lightning-sparked fire smoldered all night and may have gone down into the roots.

I can't tell you how heavenly the scent of mimosa is on a dew-damp summer morning when the tree is in bloom. Sweet, light, and yet heady. I love taking a letter out to the mailbox and just standing under the tree for a few minutes, and drinking in the fragrance.

The tree is directly east of our house, and in the summer the tree's silhouette blocked the sun until late morning, keeping us a little cooler. When we turn into the driveway, we are under the widespread tree branches. In the late summer the spent flowers fall on the breeze like snowflakes, and in the fall the seed pods litter the ground underneath.

We have several "baby mimosas" around the place; if we have to cut down the tree, I will replace it with another, so that in years to come someone can appreciate the beauty and the fragrance of a grand old lady.

Here are a few of the pictures I took on Friday...

... and a few more ...

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