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August 16, 2008

Lightning Strike

Thursday night we had thunderstorms again. The thunder was far off in the distance, until we heard an ear-splitting BOOM! It sounded like a bomb had gone off in our front yard, and the house actually bounced. The dogs stuck to us like Velcro - the largest one, a Shepherd/lab cross, is petrified of thunder - but even the other two were pretty "freaked out".

I kept looking out the window at the power transformers across the road, but evidently they were not hit. Our internet was gone though.

In the morning I discovered what the lightning struck: the huge old mimosa tree that shaded our driveway and mailbox.

This photo really doesn't give you an idea of how large this tree is/was. Can you spot the tiny mailbox underneath it?

Half of the tree came down across the driveway and the trunk was still smoking. It must have smoldered all night. Fortunately we have a circle driveway so we could still get out to the road. I took some neat pictures of flames licking the tree, but can't upload them till we are back online, so look for those later. The tree reached completely across the driveway to the fence, but did not damage the fence; it didn't fall on the gate; it didn't fall on the mailbox.

The lightning took out our wireless router and something in my computer, so it might be a few days before I am back online.

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