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August 29, 2008

Summer Goal

One of my summer goals was to declutter 50 items by August 31st. Here's my list:

1) pair of sandals
2) "Jazz" curriculum unit
3) box of magazines
4) box of books to the library for their booksale
5) unopened set of Jello Jiggler "cookie cutters"
6) bag of soap molds
7) candlemaking scents
8) art print
9) 13 guineas went to the auction
10) 9 chickens went to the auction
11) 2 kittens given away
12) poster
13) another pair of sandals
14) artificial flowers in plastic grocery bag
15) heart-shaped gift box
16) several homeschooling magazines
17) shoebox full of sample shampoos
18) unfinished craft kit
19) unfinished craft kit
20) unfinished craft kit
21) unfinished craft kit
22) unfinished craft kit
23) bag of guinea feathers
24) microwave oven
25) blanket
26) blanket
27) old teapot
28) video
29) mini tea set
30) snack bowl
31 - 50) books

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