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August 12, 2008

Taking a Walk

Amid the many other things that we are doing to get ready for our county fair, in just 3 weeks and 2 days, K and I realized we hadn’t yet taught the weanling goats how to walk on a lead. She will be showing our doeling "Lavender", and I will be showing our buckling "Honor".

So today we set out to remedy that oversight. Of course we were accom-
panied by four dogs on our walk – two adults and two pups. Next time we’ll have to confine them before we leave. We didn’t go far – I don’t like the dogs out on the road. They scouted ahead of us, but turned around when we did.

Honor caught on to the concept a bit quicker than Lavender did, but neither one was a walk in the park. They took a few tumbles to their knees, and Honor hit his head on the dirt road once. They were very happy to go back in with the herd after our short jaunt. We'll keep working on this new skill.

Here they are in the front yard after our walk.

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