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August 10, 2008

What's In Your Kitchen?

Modern kitchens are full of gadgets. Some are used often, others not so much, still others have a specialized purpose but are sure handy when you need them. What's in your kitchen? Do you have "favorites"?

I'm sure my husband's favorite kitchen item is the coffee maker. I'm not a coffee drinker, so it's low on my list, but I know that when one breaks, we replace it mighty fast.

I have TWO identical saucepans. It's the size I use most, and I often need it for two dishes at the same meal. Why not have an extra?

Measuring cups - I have three sets and they all get used. I find this really handy - I can measure dry things in one and wet things in another. I have two sets of measuring spoons for the same reason.

This was my great-grandmother's rolling pin, made of birdseye maple. I love this thing. It's heavy and works really well. The story goes that during the Depression, my grandmother and grandfather decided to move to California, bringing along my great-grandmother and my mother who was an infant at the time. My great-grandmother insisted on bringing her cast iron skillet and her rolling pin. My grandmother never understood why her mother wanted to bring such "heavy things" when she could replace them at their destination.

I don't use my blender, mixer, etc. much. It's so much easier to mix things by hand than to pull out the heavy appliance and all its parts, clean it after using and put it back away. But I do have some favorite "servant girls" in my kitchen:

My slow cooker. I love it during the summer, when it simmers all day long without heating up the house (too much). I love it on days when I have a lot of outside work to do, so that I can turn my focus elsewhere and know that dinner will be waiting when we get inside. I love it on days when we have to go places, that we will come home to wonderful smells of dinner awaiting us.

And my breadmaker. No, I don't bake bread in it, but I do let it mix and knead for me, saving my aging wrists a workout. Then I shape the loaf into a bread pan, let it rise again, and bake in the oven.


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I like your "theme" for today! ;)
    I have my mother's & gm's iron skillets. The first thing my dh bought me was a Lodge "bread skillet." Anyone from the South knows what I mean. That was 47 years ago & I'm still using it.

    I have a Bird's Eye Maple antique wash stand. I love that wood. I'm glad you have your gm's things. It is wonderful to have these treasures from the past.

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I figured out my favorite KITCHEN thing!!!
    EATING!! :) ;) ;)

    I'd like to know how to use my breadmaker to mix the ingredients for bread. Mine is old & makes those tall round loaves instead of easy to cut "loaf" size loaves.

  3. I like this post and I have similar tastes to yours as far as what I use the most in my kitchen.

    I recently found a heavy duty Kitchenaid mixer at a garage sale that I mix and knead my bread with now. I have bursitis in both shoulders and it has been a Godsend for me!



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