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September 3, 2008

Around the Homestead

What's been happening around the homestead in past weeks:

I've spent the past several days preparing for Hurricane Gustav. No, we don't live on the Gulf Coast, but after the storm makes landfall, the predicted path is north to Oklahoma, where it is supposed to stall and drop many inches of rain. I've been preparing for lots of rain: moving animals to dry places, moving feed and hay to easily accessible spots, taking the tops off of the water barrels and setting out buckets to catch rain. I cleaned all the water troughs but left them a bit low so that the rain can fill them up.

I am thankful for internet access to Doppler radar, but I am always watching the sky and trying to "feel" the weather. I love living on the hilltop where I can watch storms roll in from the west. K has the uncanny ability to often "smell" coming storms.

We are also preparing for the county fair which begins on Thursday. Even though we are "on top of things" there is still a great deal to be done. We have 4H projects, photography exhibits, our 4H club's trash can, horses and goats to transport and check in on Thursday.

Of course, the wild grapes are ripe and need to be picked, in the middle of the fair preparations and in the rain. ~smile~

I've moved half of the chicks from the brooder to the chicken coop - I am having trouble catching the last five! The ones that were moved integrated well for the most part, but one pullet had her head pecked so badly that I had to remove her from the coop and cage her until her head heals up. She is the sweetest chick; I can carry her around on my arm. This hatch seemed to be pullet-heavy for a change! Usually we end up with more cockerals than pullets.

Egg production has dropped a bit since I moved the chicks into the coop with the hens.

I've found and marked two little mimosa trees to transplant this fall to replace the one struck by lightning.

We have puppies due next week, and I think we will have fall kittens too.

Dh has been enjoying the ability to go pick three ripe apples from our trees, bring them inside and make baked apples for dessert. If there are any left after the fair craziness is over, I will can them for apple pies later.

Summer is winding down, and although our high temperatures are still in the 90's, fall isn't far off, and winter isn't far behind.

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