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October 7, 2008


This morning's weather was downright chilly with a brisk wind blowing the leaves off the oak trees. It was a perfect fall morning. Autumn is my favorite season, except that it doesn't last very long and it's followed by winter, which is not my favorite season.

Last year the trees on the hills turned such beautiful colors and the season lasted a very long time, but this year the leaves are green when they leave the tree and brown when they hit the ground. I'm afraid it will be a short autumn.

It struck me a week or so ago that winter, while just a few months long, lasts all year in a way. When spring arrives we are freed from the cold, but we are still fighting against winter by planting seeds as early as possible in the barely-warm soil. Our livestock finally has green grass and browse to eat, and we rejoice that we made it through the hard time. Even in the summer heat and humidity, we are preparing for the return of winter by harvesting hay and preserving the garden's bounty. In fall, our efforts double because we know what's coming. Winter will soon be upon us again.

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  1. Very interesting perspective. I enjoyed following your logic through today's blog.


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