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October 31, 2008

Making Tortillas

This is kind of an update on the last post, where I was planning to make tortillas.

I have a half-bag of masa harina in my freezer, leftover from our daughter's last visit, when she made tamales for us. I looked online for a tortilla recipe using it, and found one that sounded simple.

My problem has always been in rolling the tortillas out thin enough, and getting them back off of the counter after rolling them. Today I used parchment paper underneath, which worked really well. After the first couple though, I was really wishing for a tortilla press! So I did what any frugal homesteader would do: I improvised. After several tries, I ended up using the plastic lid off a coffee can on top of the ball of dough, and smooshing it out from the center. They actually turned out nearly-round. In fact, dh didn't realize they were homemade tortillas till he had seconds and ended up with one of the octopus-shaped ones.

So I'll call this successful. I just need to practice so that I can do it more quickly and without so much effort as went into it today.

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