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October 26, 2008

New Fence

Horses are hard on fences, we've found out. Our "backyard", which is where our house dogs have a bit of space to run, was fenced immediately when we moved here, using welded wire fencing and cheap t-posts. After four years, the horses have bent the fencing nearly double in their quest to reach the ever-greener grass on the other side. One of the t-posts literally fell out of the ground awhile ago, and one of the horses actually walked over the fence in the middle of the night last week and found herself trapped inside the backyard till daylight when I heard her snorting and let her out. She busied herself with "mowing the grass" during her captivity. (Actually, that's how we mow the grass in the backyard - we let the horses in. We leave the gate open, and they let themselves out when they are through. As long as I remember to shut the gate before I let the dogs out, it works well.)

Anyway, the fence obviously needs to be replaced.

Dh was able to bring home a large amount of nice pallets from work, and decided to use them as horse-proof resistent fencing. We've finished one side of the yard; two more to go.

He cut the ends off the pallets with a riciprocating saw, slipped the pallets over the existing t-posts, and screwed them together.

Interested in more creative ideas using pallets? Visit this link.

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