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October 4, 2008

Ten Things To Do

This morning as my son walked out the door to drill with his National Guard unit, he asked me for a spiral notebook. I found one quickly but it had pink kitty cats on the cover, so I continued to look for another. The next one I found had a few used pages in it, so I tore those out and he took the notebook with him.

Later I looked at the ripped-out pages. One was titled "Ten things to do on our homestead". Unfortunately I didn't date the page, but it was at least a year old, judging from the information on the other pages (homeschool notes). I read the list with interest, but soon realized that I'd accomplished NOT ONE of the items in the year or two that had passed since I wrote them down. Most are still on my master to-do list, a couple have been forgotten in the passage of time.

Perhaps burying my list in a spiral notebook that gets closed and put away isn't the best way for me to function.

Today I found a website called Ta-da Lists. And another: Remember the Milk. I've made a list in each one and will try them out to see which one I like best. Maybe it will work better to have my lists on the computer screen where I will see them every day?

Both are free to use, so go out there and made some lists! (And then, DO THE THINGS YOU LISTED!)

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  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Thanks.. I looked at the websites you listed. I also clicked on some links & found another one called whiteboard. I have a whiteboard on my fridge. I should write 3 things a day on it as a "to-do." I always enjoy reading your blog. Well, except for the maggots. (GGGG)


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