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November 28, 2008

Friday Follow-Up

I've spent this week cleaning and decluttering, so I don't have much to add to my lists. I should start another one - items that have left my home. ~smile~

A nice family took one of our puppies. On the other hand, I brought home a goose and two ducks.

We've nearly finished our first round bale of hay; I brought up the middle of the bale today and put it in the goats' pen for them to munch on tomorrow. Tomorrow will be Day Fourteen for that bale. I was figuring one bale a week, so it's nice that it has lasted a few extra days.
Thanksgiving dinner:
turkey, of course
candied sweet potatoes*
crockpot stuffing*
mashed potatoes and gravy
harvard beets*
pumpkin pie*
pecan pie
cherry pie
None of those items were grown here, unfortunately, but I did make the starred (*) items from scratch, including making the pumpkin pie from a pumpkin. Usually most of the meal is homemade; I guess I was tired this year and I took a few shortcuts. I am lamenting that we don't have access to pie cherries here, it is E's and my favorite pie, and we are truly missing our former neighbors in Michigan who let us pick from their trees every year.

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