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November 24, 2008

Late Autumn

November 23rd - we've had our first hard frost, and the trees are mostly bare. Mostly, only because oaks are stubborn about letting go. Dry brown leaves are often still clinging to the branches long into winter, but most of the other trees are bare-branched by now. Leaves have blown into corners and crannies and are chased by our cats and puppies on breezy days.

The pasture is gone, and I am feeding hay now. Our big round bales still sit out in the field waiting for our neighbor to move them and take his share home. R moved two up near the horses' corral for me using the ATV's front bumper. One week ago today I opened the first bale; it's about half gone now. That's better than what I expected, and I'm thankful.

Our oldest horse is going into winter in much better condition than last year, and I'm thankful for that too.

1 comment:

  1. I loved how you said this:

    "Mostly, only because oaks are stubborn about letting go".

    Very true.


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