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December 26, 2008

Friday Follow-Up - sort of

I've been out of town since last Saturday morning, dealing with a family emergency. My father had a heart attack last Friday. The situation is iffy, and I don't even know when I will be back home. That is really hard for me.

My daughter K has been doing a great job of feeding the goats and horses; my son E has taken on the new chores of feeding chickens and one horse that seems to only behave for him, and feeding the dogs their raw diet. K has been cooking dinner; E has been taking her to the events on her calendar while still working his part-time job. Dh has moved large round bales of hay by pushing them with the ATV's bumper, and is helping out as much as he is able to do so while still working his 40-hour job and commuting. I'm very thankful for my family.

Obviously, I haven't been home to do anything, so there isn't anything really to report on there. But at least I've brought you up-to-date a bit on what is going on in my life. Now that I know that I will have computer access here, I will try to post semi-regularly as I'm able to.

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