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December 19, 2008

Friday Follow-Up

This week:
It's been another hectic week. The weather was extremely cold, so a lot of my time was spent hauling hot water out to the animals and poultry.

- 8.25 cups pumpkin for the freezer
I still have the third chunk of pumpkin to bake, so that will go on next week's list.

- Bought more round bales of hay

Tried a new recipe:
- Pumpkin soup - blech! It sounded good, and the pictures looked good, but it didn't taste good. I won't try that again. ~smile~
- However, we rediscovered an old favorite, molasses oat bread
- Taste of Home's Country Pumpkin Muffins were very good. I omitted the raisins because we don't care for them, and the nuts because I didn't have any. They were still good.

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