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December 17, 2008

Raw Feeding

I am making the move to raw feeding two of our dogs.

Josh is an inside dog who suffers from seizures and the stinkiest, greasiest coat I've ever seen on a dog. I can hardly stand to be in the same room with him. He is the reason I am giving this a try.

Hershey is also an inside dog. She's elderly, and while she's always had a problem with dry skin, this winter she is scratching so much she has scratched off some of her hair. She too is now eating raw.

Reese is our third inside dog, but for now he will continue to eat kibble.

DAY ONE - Josh chomped right down on his chicken drumstick. Yum! He couldn't believe that I gave him such good food. He loves kibble though, and I had to move the bag of dog food so he couldn't sneak a snack. Hershey worked at her drumstick for awhile, trying to get the meat off the bone, but she eventually ate it all.

Josh had a big seizure that first afternoon. ~sigh~

DAY TWO - chicken drumsticks. No seizures. Both dogs ate well. There's a little jealousy in the evening when the third dog gets his kibble dinner and the raw-fed dogs do not. It takes some juggling, and putting dogs in separate rooms at mealtimes. I'm guessing I'll end up moving the third dog to eating raw just to make it easier on *me*.

DAY THREE - chicken drumsticks. No seizures. Both dogs were ready and waiting for their breakfast. Hershey is eating hers very well now, with no hesitation, although she is a slower eater. However, she finished her chicken and looked at me as if to ask where her "real" breakfast was.

DAY FOUR - chicken thighs. No seizures. Josh seems to be scratching less, and I was brave enough to touch him today to check his coat. Normally we don't touch him unless we have to, because his coat is so grossly greasy. It's still a bit greasy, but his hair does seem softer, I think. Hershey is still scratching as much as before, poor girl.

DAY FIVE - chicken thighs again. Josh hasn't had any more seizures, but he was averaging a couple a month, so the frequency hasn't gone up and it's too soon to tell if he will have fewer incidents. Both are fascinated with the refrigerator these days, now that they know that's where their good food comes from.

Stay tuned for updates as we travel this new road.

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  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Congratulations on your move to raw feeding! When I moved my mother-in-laws sickly dog to raw, the thing that helped his coat and itching the most was whole milk yogurt. It also helps put the good bacteria back in their system so that they can process the raw chicken. After eating kibble for so long, some lose that good bacteria.
    Merry Christmas!


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