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December 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

- I am so very thankful for the birth of a little Babe Who became my Savior.
- I am thankful for my father's sense of humor, which has manifested itself a few times this week even under adverse circumstances.
- Although I miss my husband and children immensely, I am thankful to be spending Christmas Day with my brother and my father.
- I am thankful for this last visit with my father.
- I am thankful that my children are carrying on in my absence - good work, K & E ! I am so very proud of you both.
- I am thankful for my dh, who is also carrying on in my absence - thank you for being so understanding.
- I am thankful for memories of a happy childhood.
- I am thankful for rain, and the way that it has washed the California air fresh and clean, and the view of every tree and rock on the hillsides that are normally obscured from view by haze and smog.
- I am thankful for the couple of friends I still have here where I grew up, who have called with encouragement and offers of help.

May you all have a blessed day today.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Kathi I am so glad you were able to post today! I have been wondering how you were doing. Glad for the update and still praying for you!


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