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January 24, 2009

Catching Up

It is so good to be home! Even though my first full day home was spent running errands rather than a quiet day back, or even working on the pile of boxes I brought home with me, it was still good to be back where I belong. To me, the best kind of day is one spent at home.

Thursday night the tables were turned: I "helped" my daughter feed the livestock. She'd gotten into the habit of dishing up the night's feed after doing the morning chores, so she knew which bucket went to which animal. She also had her own routine of feeding. She'd done a good job while I was gone. On Friday morning I was back into my own schedule, although I had to stop and think a couple times to remember my order of doing things. My dh came out to get hay for the goats and to move a round bale for the horses, since he'd taken Friday off in honor of my homecoming.

I'm thankful to my family who kept things going while I was gone, in between working their own jobs, going to college, and doing homeschoolwork.

I came home determined to get my house in order. We have a small home, and it is overflowing. We have truly been blessed with an abundance, but I hope to bless others with our excess now. After spending five weeks cleaning out my father's house - which included items that belonged to him, to my mother, to my brother and me, and items he brought home from my grandma's and uncle's homes when they passed away - I am ready to let go of what is "extra" in my own home. I'll be donating to charity, freecycling, and using, and offering items to friends.

I've actually been trying to do this for a long time. For the past year I've been thinking about the word "Significance". Although I didn't DO much, I think I was being prepared for this task mentally, and I am able to identify an item now as being significant or superfluous. This year's word is "Simplicity" and I am ready to get to work. I've learned how to let go. Now we'll see if I can actually get down to business and get it done. This time away gave me new focus, new energy, and new determination.

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