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January 2, 2009

A New Year

Happy New Year!

Do you make resolutions for the new year? I make goals. Experts write that setting a goal of "losing ten pounds" is much better and more attainable than a resolution to "exercise more and lose weight".

Last year, the good Lord gave me a word for the year - significance. While I did make some goals and worked towards them, I did not accomplish all that I'd hoped to, but I have to accept that that was His will for me too. I did ponder on the word and the concept for an entire year though, and am ready now to push onward on those goals, which I feel is still this coming year's focus for me. By deciding what is significant to me, I can let go of the insignificant. This should help in all areas of my life - clutter, my home, my calendar, literally everything.

To that end, last year I reduced the size of my goat herd, sold two horses and bought another that will hopefully better meet my needs, and sold my guinea flock that had to be confined because the dogs were chasing and killing them. I tried to focus on what was significant on my homestead. This year I hope to work on what is significant in my home and in my relationships as well.

These last two weeks have really brought things into focus. Dad told us that "everything we'd need to know" was in a certain file in his den. Unfortunately, we have not found all that we were hoping to find, and there were definite gaps in what he did put in that file. I've had a file in my home for several years now with the heading "In An Emergency", hoping to make things easier for my family, but I've let the information get out of date. I am going home and taking care of that oversight. That is a high-priority goal for this year.

Goal #1 is always my Bible reading goal. I let the Lord guide me in this one as well as all the others. Putting the goal on paper helps to ensure that I stay on track.

Other goals - I think - will include implementing and perfecting my chicken feed project, decluttering my house, a business goal (I make and sell goat milk soap - you can visit my shop here, although I can't fill orders while I'm out of town, of course), and so on. I am continuing to pray for direction in these and other areas.

I'd love to hear about your goals or resolutions for this new year - leave me a comment or use the "email me here" link on the sidebar.

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