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January 7, 2009

Raw Feeding Update

See the first post on Raw Feeding here.

While I was out of town, my family tried to continue the raw feeding experiment. Hershey lost so much weight that we made the decision to put her back on kibble after I was gone just one week. During the second week my family decided to put Josh back on kibble too because it was just easier for them. I will start over with both of them when I get home.

What I learned:
- Hershey needs larger portions.
- Josh was doing well, but we hit a point where he needed different kinds of meat, plus organ meats (liver, etc.) and bones. Since I left town so suddenly, I hadn't been able to prepare for that need. I had large zipper-topped bags of venison scraps in the freezer, but no one was willing to chisel off hunks for the dogs. I understand that.
- Our four hens have really slowed down their egg-laying activities for the winter. There aren't enough eggs right now for both people and dogs. I already knew that we need more chickens.
- When I left town, we let the last lactating goat dry up, so there isn't any milk for the dogs either. I need to freeze excess milk this spring and summer to fill this need during the winter.

It wasn't a failure, just a postponement.

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  1. Anonymous12:01 AM

    I had forgotten about the dogs so when I saw the caption I thought it was going to be about the chickens & maggots again.:) Sorry Hershey lost weight.


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