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February 6, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

I cleaned the laundry room, added a shelf over the two cupboards on one wall, and moved paper towels, tissues and tp to that shelf. Organized the extra canisters of propane, the camp stove, bottle of lamp oil, etc., on the shelf over the freezer. Moving the paper goods here has freed up the space that they formerly occupied, which is a good thing in my Master Plan to Reorganize. My first wish was to put up shelves and store food in the laundry room, but it gets way too hot in there in the summer. Paper products aren't affected by temperature, so the laundry room will become my "other item" storage place. My water bath canners and dehydrator are also stored here.

Cleaned and filled another four 2-liter bottles with water.

Unpacked the oil lamps that I brought back from California; bought another bottle of lamp oil from, believe it or not, WalMart for $3.97.

Worked on my stock-up shopping list. I plan to make this trip next week.

Have researched three products on my to-buy list. Asked friends for recommendations as well as checking online reviews. I think that's important.

Rendered deer tallow for soapmaking. Thank you, Cheryl and Jen!

I found the missing strainer disk for my milk filter. Yeah!

Brought the kidding kit in the house, and inspected and restocked the contents. I need a feeding tube, just in case of. Our first doe is due to deliver around 2/23 (goats can kid up to five days early, so our first kid could possibly arrive as early as 2/18).

Bought point-of-lay pullets from a friend. Last year was a bad year for chickens on our place.

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