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February 13, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

- I'm in the midst of preparing the garden. It's not a big one, but it's big enough in the middle of summer when you're working on it. I've carpeted it with cardboard and empty feed sacks, and am moving compost on top of that. Our really nice temperatures are catch-as-catch-can right now, but they don't last long and need to be taken advantage of when they are here.

- I'm working on the planting plan. I need to get seeds ordered SOON. I've heard rumors that seed sales are up considerably, and I don't want to find out that what I want isn't available when I finally get around to ordering.

- Last winter one of our two dwarf peach trees died, and the wild one that I'd been harvesting also died. This year I will be ordering another peach tree and a nectarine tree from Stark Bros Nursery.

Stocking Up:
- Added to the emergency food shelves - I had to go to the City so I made an extra shopping trip to my favorite store, Aldi.

The Master Reorganization Plan:
- Cleaned and organized the four lower double-door cupboards in the kitchen
- Brainstormed about additional places to store things
- I'm slowly getting the things from CA put away
- Have gathered up three boxes of items for donation

- Rendered sheep fat into beautiful tallow
- Added to the dog food freezer (thank you again, Cheryl)

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