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February 20, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

We've been cleaning out the "barn". Let's just say it got out of hand while I was out of town for five weeks. I want the stalls nice and clean before the goat kids start arriving, and they are due any day now. I've been very thankful for my dh's help in this chore.

Found a great deal on orange bell peppers, so I bought several and sliced them for the freezer. If they are still on sale next week I will put more in the dehydrator.

Added some items to the emergency cupboard, including a free weather radio.

Continued working on the Master Reorganization Plan. Storage space is at such a premium in our tiny house; we don't even have a coat closet. I've realized that there are several spots that are under-utilized because they are hard to get to. Items that aren't used often can be moved there so that the more accessible places can hold things that are used more often.

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