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February 27, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

As you can see by the last post, I've been extremely busy this week with kidding goats. I've spent a lot of time going outside to check on the expectant mothers, and afterwards, checking on the moms and kids to make sure they are doing ok, and bottle-feeding the twins whose mother refused to feed them. That means I am milking one goat two weeks earlier than I'd planned, so I was scrambling this morning to get it all done.

I'm rearranging the milking area of the "barn"; it has collected junk during the off-season and needs a spring cleaning. I bought a replacement feeder bucket for the milkstand, and need a few more spring clips and collars so I can clip each goat to the fence in the morning while I'm milking. These chain ties have been worth their weight in gold! (A dog tie-out chain cost $2 on clearance. I cut it into 14 equal lengths. Some have free caribiner clips on each end (they were given out free as promotional key rings); others have spring clips that cost $1 each. The average cost of each chain tie was under $1.)

The new pullets have begun laying eggs. Hopefully we've bought our last dozen from the supermarket. The dwarf fruit trees are beginning to leaf out. I'm checking the asparagus bed daily but haven't seen any new growth yet.

Next week I really need to focus on the garden...

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