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February 4, 2009

Garden Planning

It's nearly time to begin the garden. No, I'm not ready to plant outside, but it's almost time to start warm-weather seeds indoors. Here's a past post on starting seeds.

Gardening in my corner of Oklahoma is a challenge. I used to be a pretty good gardener when we lived in Michigan with its rich soil and plentiful rainfall. Oak Hill has poor soil and I seem to no longer have a green thumb. Last year I didn't even plant a garden, I just used the fenced area as an occasional daytime pen for the goats, and let them keep the weeds and grass down.

This year I will be basically starting from scratch again. I have a large pile of well-rotted compost to spread on the garden - goat bedding, horse manure, and the weeds and grass that grew on that pile last year and then were turned under. Hopefully this will enrich the soil and make growing food a little more successful. The fence is still in place, needed to keep out reckless puppies, rabbits and armadillos.

Have you noticed that gardeners are optimists? "This year will be better," we say. I truly need it to be a better year garden-wise; I am counting on that bounty to help feed my family and animals.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I think EVERYONE better have a garden this year because we may not be able to afford grocery stores.


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