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February 25, 2009

Kidding season has begun

Our first kid of the season - a single doeling born to Lavendar. Her sire is Honor. This is the tiniest kid we've ever had! She is a fourth generation Oak Hill goat on the dam's side.

I would have preferred to wait awhile to breed Lavendar, but sometimes they have other ideas. I am thankful that she had a small kid, and thankful that it's a girl, too.

This photo shows the kid in relation to one of our cats - tiny, isn't she?

When I fed the does on Tuesday morning, the kid was standing in the corner of the shed. None of the does claimed her; they were intent on their grain. I was frantically checking them to see if I could tell who had kidded. Lavendar was the only first-time mom, so I was guessing it was her baby. Sure enough, when the kid cried she was the one that ran over.

Lavendar is doing a great job of mothering her tiny little girl, who is happy and healthy and hopping around.

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