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February 18, 2009

Signs of Spring

The hens took the winter off. We've been bemoaning the lack of eggs, but on Sunday I found a green egg in the nestbox. I put it in a safe place until I could take it in the house: in a bucket on a shelf in the barn. A cat knocked over the bucket and the egg crashed to the ground where a dog promptly devoured it. ~sigh~ Yesterday I found another green egg and took it inside in a more prompt manner. The hen responsible is a four-year-old easter egger. We are anxiously waiting for our younger hens to begin to lay.

Henbit is blooming amid the dormant grass in our yard. The irises are coming up, as well as the daffodils spears near the mailbox. I was so happy to see that the resurrection lilies are also coming up this year; one year they didn't so I am always happy to see that they are still alive under the ground. These have different names - pink ladies, surprise lilies, magic lilies, and so on, but I prefer the name my friend Sheri uses: resurrection lilies. The green spears grow and die back, and then the flowers come up out of the ground from the dead foliage... isn't that a lovely reminder of our Lord's Resurrection?

There are small clumps of clover here and there, and the yellow dock is beginning to grow in the pasture.

When my dh left for work this morning at 6:15 am the eastern sky was beginning to lighten. The days are indeed getting longer.

I must remember to visit the asparagus bed today. There was no new sign of life last week, but perhaps I will find some tiny spears beginning to grow.

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