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March 11, 2009

Baking Center

Several years ago I was a subscriber to Laine's Letters, a weekly email letter for Christian homemakers. (Actually, I'm still a subscriber, but the letters are only sent very occasionally nowadays.) Laine was an inspiration to me in many ways, both spiritually and organizationally.

Some of her weekly letters touched on kitchen organization. Many of them were inspiring to me. One that made a lot of sense was Laine's "baking center". She stored all her baking needs in one cupboard. Organizational gurus recommend keeping items at point-of-use, and it truly makes sense to do so, even in the kitchen.

One of my overhead double-door cupboards contains brown sugar, powdered sugar, honey, baking soda and powder, canned milk products, vanilla and other flavorings, salt and more. On the counter under the cupboard are gallon-size jars of sugar and flour. I keep all my spices in another cupboard.

The plastic containers on the bottom left hold the vanilla and other flavoring bottles, cupcake papers, boxes of pudding mix, and other small items. It really helps me to have small things together in a container.

If I had space, I would have a prep area right here too, but instead I use the island in the middle of the room. Still, I can gather all the ingredients I need at one time, and carry it all a few steps to the island. My cookbook shelf is near my preparation area.

I'd love a Hoosier cabinet, wouldn't you?

My cupboard really got out of hand while I was in California for five weeks. It really only took a few minutes to get it back under control; they were minutes well spent.

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  1. I found a hoosier cabinet at an antique store and thats exactly what we use it for..all the baking supplies. Of course I had to buy like 10 bags of flour to fill it up because it so thrilled the girls to use the sifter...ok it did me too!


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