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March 6, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

Dh had cataract surgery this week, and was home for three days. On the fourth day I took K to the dentist. So much for my week. ~smile~

However, I did a quick freezer check to see what projects I had lurking in there that needed to be attended to. I pulled out three bags plus a plastic container of fruit scraps and made fruit juice to turn into jelly - the actual jelly-making will be done next week. That gave me a little more space in the freezer.

The weather was nice the past couple of days - warm, but windy - so we worked with the horses, and let the does and kids into the big goat pen for an hour at a time. That is a chore and I need to figure out a better, easier way - right now I have to:

- move the dog from in front of the gate
- move the dry does and two young bucks to a back pen
- move three does with kids
- move the other three does with kids
- then I do it in reverse to put them back in the barn
- AND I have to hope that the horses don't come up the hill while I'm moving them, since we go through their pasture to get to the goat pen.

Life will be easier when I get the new fencing to make the new pen!

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