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March 13, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

I made jelly from fruit I'd frozen last summer. Made the juice, then made jelly:
10 half-pints of apple jelly
8 half-pints of mixed fruit jelly

Our hens began laying in earnest. (I wish there were a way to preserve eggs other than freezing them; I've never been happy with frozen eggs. My family won't eat pickled eggs, so that's out. About the only way I know how is to make egg noodles. We sure eat more than our share of deviled eggs though - I used to think those were for church potlucks and special occasions, but we eat a lot of them now just because we have lots of eggs.)

Donated 5 boxes/bags of unneeded items to charity. Very slowly I am making progress on decluttering.

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