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March 30, 2009

March goes out like...

.... a lion!

We had quite a storm over the weekend - rain, sleet, snow, wind, and lots and lots of mud and standing water. Several years ago during the drought I vowed that I would never again complain about mud, so I won't.

I brought in the tomato and pepper seedlings that I hadn't yet planted in the ground. They are safe in the bathroom until the temperatures rise a bit outside, then they will go back out in the partial shade under an oak tree until they get planted. I've been keeping them in a wire cage to keep the cats and dogs from destroying them until they go in the fenced garden where it is safe.

What worries me a bit are the fruit trees. Our big plum tree that is always so prolific had already bloomed and set fruit before the storm hit. Our one remaining peach tree had just finished blooming, as well as an apple tree. The wild sand plums had also set fruit. I pray that our fruit crop won't be damaged.

The pasture is turning green after all the rain we've had, and the swale that follows the contour of our hill is full of water. The farm pond level has gone up. Rain is good. ~Smile~

Saturday evening after the storm, the sun slipped down behind the ridge in a small cloudless line between horizon and clouds, a beautiful red-orange-purple display that was absolutely stunning. Sometimes you have to have clouds so you can appreciate the sunset.

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