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March 18, 2009

Vegetable Seedlings

Usually I start my garden plants from seed, with varying success. This year it just didn't get done. I am bound and determined to have a garden this year - a successful garden! So... I bought seedlings today.

Yesterday and today I found myself in the nearest large town, waiting for K who was taking the classroom portion of driver education. Yesterday I went to three stores that carry transplants so I could check out their selection and prices. If I'd found something *really good* I would have bought it then, but the selection was pretty ordinary. Today I returned to the store with the best prices: 69 cents for a 3-pack vs $3.69 for a 6-pack at the other two stores.

Today those 69-cent 3-packs were on sale for 58 cents. Yesterday, they had a big selection; today there was less than a quarter of what they'd had just the day before. I keep hearing rumors that seeds are in short supply this year as folks are hoping to supplement their menus with garden produce. I think that might be right.

I took the last 3-pack of sweet banana peppers, the last yellow bell peppers (there weren't any green ones left), the last chives, three varieties of tomatoes, a pack of marigolds and a pack of Italian parsley. I wish they'd had more available; I should have bought them yesterday. I'll have to look locally for more.

I also bought some Yukon Gold potatoes, but they were out of onion sets, so I bought some at the feed store on the way home.

Now I need to get the garden ready to plant; hopefully the fact that I already have the plants will ensure I get it done. The weather is supposed to be glorious all week. It was 83* on Tuesday, so hard work must be limited to mornings before it gets too hot.

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