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March 2, 2009


What makes a person "rich"? Can money buy happiness?

To me, "wealth" is measured in things that money can't buy. My list of the top "riches" is this:

1) Faith - It goes without saying that faith can get you through anything. Faith won't protect us from "bad things" but it will see us through any situation. You are rich no matter what your earthly circumstances if you are a believer in Christ.

2) Attitude - I'm an optimist; I bet you hadn't already guessed that, had you? ~smile~ I always strive to see the best in people and situations. With the right attitude, you are able to look forward instead of back.

3) Health - Good health is a treasure. We are not always blessed with this one, so if you are in good health, praise the Lord for it and use it. While my brother and I were in California during our father's last days, we realized that being able to walk is a privilige, and we will no longer take it for granted. Good health allows you to do the manual labor that homesteading requires.

4) Relationships - Healthy relationships are a true blessing. This life is about people, not about things. Our relationship with Jesus is the most important one of all, the center of our being. From there, our world spreads out to family, friends and others. Cultivate healthy relationships.

5) Knowledge and skills - No matter what your circumstances, knowledge is something that cannot be taken away from you (with one tragic exception: Alzheimers). Acquire knowledge. Learn and practice new skills. Recognize your abilities, the talents that God has given you, and use them.

Then there are the "riches" that must be acquired in some way, usually with money:
Clean water
Nutritious food
Equipment and tools
These are things that we take for granted, but in many areas of the world, these riches aren't available. Let's be thankful for them, for we are truly rich if we have them.

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  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    I'd add... don't ever take your eyesight for granted either. Losing the ability to drive is one of life's hardest things IMO.


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