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April 20, 2009

Around the Homestead...

We've had quite a bit of rain lately, with strong, cold winds. Spring is "wind season" here. The old run-in shed that our horses use for shelter has several new "skylights" in the roof now. We are in the process of providing new shelter because someday the wind might well blow the old one over. I noticed this morning that the old well-house suffered some roof damage in the latest windstorm too.

The rain washed everything so clean, and the spring breeze has left a fresh clean scent. White puffy clouds are scudding across the sky today and the world is beautiful.

The Poeticus Daffodils near the mailbox are finally blooming. My friend Sue-Ellen calls them "tax time flowers" because they always bloom around April 15th. I hadn't noticed the date before, but knew that they always bloom really late as far as daffodils go. Each year I intend to thin them out but haven't managed to do it yet.

My irises have begun to bloom, both white and yellow. One year some variegated purple and yellow irises bloomed in the pasture but they haven't flowered since then.

Yesterday the henhouse door blew open in the wind and two of the red star hens ran out. I was able to pick one up and put her back, but the other took off into the woods when one of the dogs chased her briefly. After a few hours she was back, fussing on the outside of the fenced run. I closed the door to the coop with the hens inside, and opened the run gate. She cooperated nicely and went inside.

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