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April 24, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

-- Our fruit trees - a dwarf Gala Peach tree and a dwarf Stark SunGlo Nectarine - were shipped from Stark Bros nursery. We soaked the bare root trees overnight in water before planting. Last year one of our two peach trees died over the winter, so this purchase replaced that tree, and I thought I might as well get another while I was at it. I know that many people would rather plant standard size trees, but we are happy with the dwarfs that we've planted. They produce plenty of fruit for fresh eating for our family and enough for preserving too.

-- We had a storm shelter installed. We decided that it would be better to have it and never need it, than to need it once and not have one. Now we are stocking the shelter with some necessary items: flashlights, water, and so on. It's dark in there with the door closed!

-- I harvested chickweed and began infusing in oil for salve and soapmaking.

-- After deciding what kinds of chicks I wanted to order last week, I discovered that all the hatcheries I've dealt with in the past are sold out till the end of the season! My husband found a person through Craigslist that was selling one of the varieties of chicks I wanted, so we contacted him. It turned out he also had four of the other breed I wanted, so we bought those too... and he had a hard-to-find breed that I've long admired, so we bought four of those as well...

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