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April 6, 2009

Herb Garden

We had frost last night, and tonight we may even set a record low temperature. Here in central Oklahoma our average last frost date is April 15. The weatherman assured us last night that after tomorrow, our temperatures are going to go up and spring will be here in earnest.

A few weeks ago I bought vegetable transplants and set them outside. When our cold weather returned I brought them in the house, and they are still inside. I'll have to harden them off again. This is where I run into problems with my garden. I can start seeds (though I didn't this year), but when they go into my garden they tend to die. I am hoping and praying for better results this year.

For the past several years my "herb garden" consists of pots on my kitchen windowsill. This year I'd like to expand my collection of herbs. While I was in California my two lemon balm plants died, so I need to replace those as well. I check out every greenhouse at every big box store I go to, hoping to find herbs on my want list. Later this month a friend of mine is going to An Herbal Affair and has offered to take my list with her.

Of course that means I have to put my mental list on paper.
basil, so easy to start from seed so I won't buy a plant
rosemary, even though I've killed three plants so far
orange mint
lemon balm
any other aromatic mints, they smell so good!
There were a few more on my list but I've recently found a few among the shelves of seedlings at various stores I pass.

I'd love to have a lemon garden with a variety of lemon-scented herbs. I have lemon basil and lemon balm seeds, and am on the lookout for other plants - maybe even lemon tomatoes. I'm not sure where I would put them, but there must be a pocket of sunny space somewhere that the goats and horses can't reach. ~smile~


  1. Don't forget lemon thyme for your lemon herbs!
    If you don't find calendula, I have plenty of seeds from my plants.

  2. Thank you, RooosterChick - I found a packet of Calendula seeds today! I'll keep my eyes open for lemon thyme for my lemon garden.


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