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May 8, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The bottle babies are now getting one bottle a day, so we have more milk for the kitchen. We are looking forward to cheese, custard, yogurt, and more!

-- One of this spring's two bucklings went to his new home.

-- After having a supplementary bottle for just over a week, Dove decided she is getting enough milk from her mom along with her hay and grain, so the bottle isn't necessary.

-- We put up the new round pen, and are looking forward to using it! (I'm not really sure how the horses feel about it though.)

-- Made another batch of soap, Oklahoma Sunset. This one combines the cream base color with red, bronze and yellow swirls, reminiscent of sunsets over Oak Hill.

-- We built a new pen for the boer goat and her kid. The doe doesn't get along with any of the dairy goats, has horns, and can jump our fences. Her daughter is a jumper too. So far they are staying put in their new pen, hopefully they can't jump over a six-foot fence.

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