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May 15, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I helped dh replace the fence between the front yard and the barnyard. It had been a wire field-fence which the horses had leaned over and bent up quite badly. My gelding got a hoof stuck in the fence a week ago so it was definitely time to do something. We put up a post and rail wooden fence, and it makes the place look much nicer.

-- Continued planting tomatoes, peppers and herbs in containers. We've had so much rain that the tomato plants are turning yellow. Fortunately the containers drain well; they might be in worse shape if they were planted in the ground. It has rained 17 out of the past 19 days.

-- The second of the two bucklings went to his new home this week, so I am only bottlefeeding "Imagine" now. Suddenly we have LOTS of milk in the refrigerator. I've been making custard, macaroni and cheese, and other goodies requiring lots of milk. This week I've put 6 quarts of milk in the freezer. I do wish there were an easier/better way to "put milk by" for the winter when the goats are dry. One of my goals this year is to make hard cheese, but I also wish I could store liquid milk.

-- I attempted to make mozzarella cheese. I see that this is something that needs lots of practice, like making pizza crust and tortillas from scratch - when I first attempted those I ended up with a mess, but with practice I am much better now. Hopefully my next attempt at mozzarella will turn out better.

-- Foraged plantain and began infusing oil.

-- Restocked the first aid kits (semi-annual task) and put one in the new storm shelter.

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