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May 29, 2009

Friday Follow-Up

This week...

-- I discovered that my orange mint plant didn't die over the winter as I'd feared - I found four small stems. I cut one and brought it inside to root in a glass of water. I'll keep a small plant on my kitchen windowsill year-round now. I love to rub my hand across the leaves of the aromatic plants; they smell so good and bring a smile to my face.

-- Planted more tomatoes and peppers into containers. The peppers are all done now, and I only have five more tomato plants to transplant - one more day's work. Then the herbs need to be direct seeded into their pots...

-- Last weekend the eggs in the incubator were supposed to hatch. One chick hatched, but the egg yolk had not been properly absorbed and the chick died after 24 hours. None of the other eggs hatched. That was disappointing, but I do have two broody hens in the chicken coop and hope that some of those eggs will hatch.

-- A curiosity: one of the apple trees is blooming profusely now, many weeks after the others. Does it do this every year and I just haven't noticed? Or is it a very confused apple tree? Elderberries and blackberries are also blooming this week.

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